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Write for us

Write for Honcho-SFX!

We are looking for writers for our new blog that are passionate about any of the following topics:

  • Superhero (anything Marvel & DC Comics is fair game - could be movie reviews, news on movies coming out, top superheroes etc)
  • Music (such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden - new album releases, upcoming tours etc)
  • Sci fi movies (such as Star Wars, Alien & Robocop - movie facts, behind the scenes, for example)
  • Cult TV programs (such as The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory - any news relating to any of these programs)

Basically any topic that is related to stuff that we sell.

No experience necessary, but good writing and grammar skills are essential.

Why write for us?

Your work could be seen by thousands of people - blog posts will be shared on our social media sites and to newsletter subscribers. We can also link to your social media pages and website if you wish, so you'll pick up followers that have seen your work on our blog.  There will also be freebies from our website on offer for quality content.

If writing isn't really your thing but creating graphics is - you could create infographics on any of the topics listed above. If videos are more you're style, we're interested in this also.

Let's do it!

If you're interested in writing on our blog (or creating videos/infographics), please contact us with a brief description of yourself, your writing skills and topics of interest.

If you have already written blog articles please send us the urls to your work.

Let us know the types of articles that you'd like to write - if you could provide a title and brief summary, that would be helpful.

We look forward to working with you!

Contact us now >