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Who is Zoom? Suspects on The Flash

By Alex Wiggan

If you’re a fan of hit TV show, The Flash, then you will be very aware that this season there is a rather big mystery brewing; one which centres on the question: Who is Zoom?

Of course the simple answer is, Zoom is an evil speedster from a parallel reality (Earth-2 to be exact), who is hell bent on causing problems for Barry Allen and his chums over at S.T.A.R. Labs. That answer is of course correct, but it doesn’t explain the identity of the man (or possibly woman) in the super-suit. And that’s what Flash fans really want to know.

Last year the ongoing mystery of The Flash’s first season revolved around the identity of chief villain the Reverse Flash. Thanks to a large dose of subterfuge, a little bit of misdirection and some good old fashioned storytelling, the Reverse Flash was ultimately revealed to be Eobard Thawne; a time-travelling bad guy, posing as science-whiz, Harrison Wells.

As revelations go, unmasking the Reverse Flash was a pivotal moment in The Flash’s premier season, which tied up loose ends and created new story threads which rippled into the second season. New story threads which created parallel universes such as Earth-1 (the show’s regular reality) and Earth-2 (one of the show’s 52 alternate realities).

No doubt the unmasking of Zoom will prove just as important to the second season of The Flash, so let’s take a look at the suspects. Oh and it is worth noting, this list of suspects is presented following the events of The Flash’s sixth episode, Enter Zoom. If you’ve not seen Enter Zoom, then there may be a few minor spoilers ahead – you have been warned.


Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells The Flash

OK, so let’s just get this one out of the way early – the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 is probably not Zoom; the events of the episode, Enter Zoom, pretty much confirmed this to be the case. But let’s not rule Wells out completely.

Firstly, and as Sisco so eloquently put it: “Our Doctor Wells was evil, you’re just a dick.” Secondly, the Earth-2 version of Wells has a history with Jay Garrick, the Earth-2 version of the Flash. Coincidence?

The Earth-2 version of Wells might not be Zoom, but there are multiple realities out there (52 to be exact), so what’s to say that Zoom isn’t the Harrison Wells of another reality?


Earth-2 Henry Allen

Henry Allen The Flash

There’s a very popular theory doing the rounds at the moment that suggests that Barry Allen’s dad, Henry, or rather the Henry Allen of Earth-2 is secretly Zoom. And as theories go, it’s quite a strong one.

In the opening episode of season two, Henry Allen of Earth-1 was released from prison after being acquitted of the murder of his wife. A joyous occasion indeed and one that should have been followed by scene after scene of Barry & Henry spending quality father & son time together. Only that didn’t happen, because Henry rather abruptly announced that he was leaving the city. An odd development considering the fact he’d already missed out on seeing his son grow up.

So here’s the theory: The Henry Allen of Earth-1 has been replaced by the Henry Allen of Earth-2, who is secretly Zoom. Henry has been keeping his distance from Barry so that he doesn’t figure out he is Zoom and of course the actor – John Wesley Shipp – has appeared in less episodes so that the audience forgets he is a suspect.

If this theory pans out, then it is likely that in the Earth-2 universe, Henry is given the powers of a speedster and not Barry Allen, which is perhaps why Earth-2 Barry Allen has yet to appear in the show.

It’s worth noting that John Wesley Shipp has previously voiced the character of Professor Zoom in a 2010 episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility that he could be playing the bad guy again. Oh and it has also been established that the Earth-2 version of Green Arrow is not Oliver Queen, it is instead Oliver’s father, Robert Queen under the hood.  Surely if Oliver’s father can be a costumed character then so can Barry’s, right?


Earth-2 Barry Allen

Barry Allen The Flash

If Earth-2 Henry Allen is a suspect then it stands to reason that Earth-2 Barry Allen is a suspect too. It’s perhaps even more likely that Barry is Zoom, given Zoom’s bold claim that he is “the fastest man alive”, a tag that is usually associated with Barry Allen himself.

Then there’s the fact that we’ve yet to see the Barry Allen of Earth-2. Why?

OK, so Barry Allen of Earth-2 might not be a speedster, but surely there must be a reason that he hasn’t appeared in the show yet?

Perhaps in this alternate universe, Barry didn’t turn out to be the good guy that he is on Earth-1. Perhaps the murder of his mother, or even his father (or both) pushed him over the edge and he became a twisted variation of the Flash.


Iris’ brother

Daniel West The Flash

Only a handful of episodes into season two and in addition to the creation of a multiverse and the return of Harrison Wells, there’s been a big revelation in the West household – Iris’ mother is still alive and Iris has a sibling that she never knew about! Step forward suspect number four.

Doesn’t it seem just a little convenient that Iris learns the she has a brother around the same time that Zoom starts showing up? A brother who would no doubt resent Barry for getting to grow up in the West household, when he didn’t?

It’s probably at this point that it’s best to mention that in the comics Iris has a brother called Daniel West, who is not a nice guy and also has the powers of a speedster. Now just ponder that one for a while.


Iris’ brother mark II

Wally West The Flash

Of course things might differ for the show and Iris’ brother could turn out to be Wally West, a character traditionally known in the comics for taking on the mantle of the Flash. Wally is set to appear in this season of The Flash, with Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale playing the part, but it’s not yet clear how he and Iris will be linked.

Traditionally Wally is Iris’ nephew, but as Lonsdale is of a similar age to Iris actress, Candice Patton, Wally could actually turn out to be her brother in this version of the Flash mythology. And if changes are going to be made for the show then what’s to stop Wally West from becoming Zoom?

OK, so it’s doubtful that DC Entertainment would approve of letting Wally West be portrayed as a bad guy, but you never know.


Earth-2 Joe West

Joe West The Flash

The Flash is a show about family, with a strong focus on father figures. So it stands to reason that if Henry Allen and Harrison Wells are suspects then Earth-2 Joe West is also a suspect.

Think about it for a moment.

What better way to mess with Barry’s head than by having the chief villain turn out to be the one person who has been with Barry pretty much his entire life? Having Henry Allen be the bad guy would be difficult for Barry to swallow, but having Joe turn out to be Zoom would be devastating for the young hero.


Eddie Thawne

Eddie Thawne The Flash

Suspect number five is a long shot, but one worth considering.

The Eddie Thawne of Earth-1 was a hero who ultimately sacrificed himself to save Barry Allen, but that doesn’t automatically mean the Eddie Thawne of Earth-2 is a hero. Earth-2 Eddie might be an evil mastermind, who is plotting to take over the multiverse.

Or maybe not.

Whilst it seems a bit of a stretch to link Eddie Thawne to Zoom, his story might not be over just yet. So keep him in the mix for now.


Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne

If Eddie’s a suspect then so is his distant relative Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash.

During season one of The Flash, Eobard Thawne travelled back in time (from the future), killed Barry’s mother, killed Harrison Wells, assumed Wells’ identity, then became Barry’s greatest enemy. He also (temporarily) killed Sisco! Who knows what the Thawne of Earth-2 could be up to.

Maybe on this reality Thawne went back in time and became Zoom. Heck, maybe he went back in time, killed Barry or Henry Allen, assumed their identity and then became Zoom.  When it comes to Eobard Thawne and time travel, the possibilities are endless.


Another new speedster

Hunter Zoloman

Although the Reverse Flash was the chief villain of season one, let’s never forget the fact that Eobard Thawne didn’t show up until quite late into the season. Sure, Thawne had been manipulating events from the very start under the guise of Harrison Wells, but as a character he was kept very much in the background; therefore, it stands to reason that Zoom could be a character who has yet to appear on the show.

It’s also worth noting that there are other speedsters in the Flash universe other than Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Eobard Thawne and Daniel West. Hunter Zolomon, Edward Clariss and Thaddeus Thawne are all villainous characters from the comics who have similar abilities to Barry, so let’s not rule out a yet unannounced new speedster who could become the biggest surprise of the season.



So who do you think is the prime suspect? Perhaps you’re not convinced Zoom is anyone from this list and you have your own theories. If so, please share, as sharing is caring.


About Alex Wiggan: If Alex was a betting man he’d put his money on Earth-2 Henry Allen.


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