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Watch/listen: The Midnight – ‘Nocturnal’

By Alex Wiggan

Time to conclude a day of awesome ‘80s-inspired electro/synth tunes with yet another cracking playlist. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed listening to everything that’s cropped up so far today.

You have?

Great! Here’s one more.

Following on from this morning’s posts on NewRetroWave’s ‘Future Awaits’ mixtape and The Prime Thanatos’ ‘Best of Timecop 1983’, I’m now serving up another electro video, once again courtesy of NewRetroWave. This video – which you can watch/listen to below – is called Nocturnal, by The Midnight.

Nocturnal runs for just over 40 minutes and comprises seven, smooth synth tunes. Tracks include: ‘Shadows’, ‘Crystalline’, ‘Collateral’, ‘River of Darkness’, ‘Nocturnal’, ‘Light Years’ and ‘Tokyo Night Train’.

Sit back, relax and sink into the evening – electro-style!



About the author: Alex Wiggan has written blog posts for Honcho-SFX blog since October 2014. He watches a lot of movies, not nearly enough TV and he can often be found hanging around comic shops on a Saturday.


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