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Watch: The Punisher Season One trailer

Marvel fans, get excited – It’s trailer time!

A trailer for The Punisher has arrived.

The trailer – which you can watch below – sees actor Jon Bernthal reprise the role of Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) for the forthcoming Netflix show.

Although short on running time, the teaser gives a glimpse at the new series, as well as an insight into the tone of the show. The Punisher – a spin-off from Daredevil – is the next Marvel series to arrive on Netflix.

The teaser was initially attached to The Defenders, which arrived on Netflix this weekend. Should you want to know more about The Defenders, you should check out the review of Season One, which landed on The Honcho-SFX blog earlier today.

Anyway, enough about The Defenders…

…here’s the trailer for The Punisher…




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