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Thoughts and musings on Wonder Woman

By Alex Wiggan


OK, so spoiler warning out of the way – now time to talk Wonder Woman.

So, last night I went to see Wonder Woman at my local cinema, along with my other half and a friend. Before I reveal my personal thoughts on Wonder Woman, let me first say they both LOVED THE MOVIE.

Really loved the movie.

As for me?

I really liked the movie, but I didn’t quite love it.

I’m not trying to bash Wonder Woman; I just feel it had a couple of issues which stopped me from loving it. I feel these issues are worth discussing, along with my general thoughts about the movie.

Let’s start with the positive:

Gal Gadot was PERFECT as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince

When portraying Wonder Woman, Gadot conveyed a confidence and strength that made me believe she was more than capable of standing toe-to-toe with chief villain, Ares. On the flipside, when appearing on screen as Diana Prince, Gadot was able to show the character’s vulnerability as she navigated her way through a world that simply made no sense.

It’s a difficult line to walk, bringing two characters to life in the same movie, but Gadot did it and she commanded the screen in a way that few actors can. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed her performance. It made the movie – it truly did.

Moving forward, I can’t wait to see more from Gadot and specifically more from Wonder Woman. It’s taken far too long to get to this point where Wonder Woman is headlining her own movie, but I am glad we got there in the end.


Patty Jenkins was the right choice for director

One thing that stood out for me, when watching Wonder Woman, was the way in which director, Patty Jenkins never tried to sexualise the character. Jenkins took a beautiful comic book icon, repurposed her as a stunning movie icon and never compromised her character.

Yes, I am aware that Wonder Woman walks around in a skimpy outfit, but that’s part of the character design, it’s not something specifically added to the movie. Director Patty Jenkins brought Wonder Woman to the big screen with gusto, ensuring she remained an inspiring heroine regardless of her gender.

It’s impossible to say what the film could have been like under a different director, but it’s clear that Jenkins gets Wonder Woman and I hope she remains an important voice in the DCEU movies moving forward.


The message was timely and needed

Wonder Woman had a very clear message – love wins. Even during the darkest times, hope and love will overcome all the odds. We need this message right now, perhaps more than ever, and I’m glad we got it courtesy of Wonder Woman.

All other DC movies from this point onwards should be looking to Wonder Woman for inspiration and guidance. Especially movies featuring Superman.

Wonder Woman didn’t feel mean spirited **cough** Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice **cough** and delivered a fairly inspirational tale. That’s what superhero films should be doing.


And now for the elements that didn’t work:

The film was at its weakest when it tried too hard

The moments which took me out of the story were those that seemed a bit too over the top – most notably action scenes (specifically during the final act) which became CGI-fests of explosions and dodgy looking wire work.

Every time things went a little bit too OTT, the movie seemed to venture into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice territory and that’s when I found myself losing interest and checking my watch. In particular, some of the scenes with Ares just didn’t work and they looked both daft and amateur.

I’ve praised Patty Jenkins above, because I felt that she largely got this movie right, I just felt that some of the action scenes didn’t quite work and it was a shame.


The dour tone

Setting a film during World War I was always going to result in a fairly sombre affair, but there were times during Wonder Woman that I just wanted things to brighten up a touch. I appreciate this leads into a much wider issue for me – and one that has existed since Man of Steel arrived on screens back in 2013 – but I do wish the DCEU films would cheer up a touch.

For me, the main problem I have with Wonder Woman and all the films so far in the DC Extended Universe is the dour tone they all seem to adopt. Man of Steel was largely fine (and still my favourite out of the four), but the tone of the movie and muted colours were not quite right for a Superman film and have continued to dog the DCEU ever since.

Wonder Woman was held back a little by this pre-existing tone and it was a shame. Now is the time to drop it and brighten things up a little. Please.


Overall, Wonder Woman works very well and demonstrates that the DC Extended Universe is not a disaster as some might suggest. That said, there are problems in the DCEU and they are now affecting really good films like this. Get these issues sorted out and the DCEU could deliver an amazing movie.

If Wonder Woman takes your fancy, then I recommend you see it – even if you didn’t like the previous DC movies. You can even check out what the critics think in our handy Wonder Woman-themed Honcho Round-Up before you head out to the cinema.




About the author: Alex Wiggan has written blog posts for Honcho-SFX blog since October 2014. He likes writing, eating pizza and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes in that order.


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