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The Honcho Round-Up #23: Marvel TV shows – Keeping track

By Alex Wiggan

Hi heroes!

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed an increase in news stories about forthcoming comic book-based TV shows, in particular those from Marvel. In fact, so many Marvel shows are now on the air/in the pipeline that it can be quite difficult to keep track of them all.

So, today we thought we’d bring you a quick guide to what shows are currently on air; what shows are due to air later this year; and what are on the horizon for 2018. How good are we?!

The following list should give you the lowdown on what to expect over the next few months and of course it will give you the opportunity to plan your social calendar accordingly.

In short: A LOT of Marvel superhero shows are on the way and you may need to drop various friends/family/social engagements to fit them all in.

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – The fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is just about to wrap up in the US (the final episode of season four will air on the 16th May). At present there’s no word on whether or not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will return for a fifth season, but we can’t see any major reasons why it won’t. Expect an official announcement imminently. **UPDATE 12/05/17** ABC has confirmed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will return for a fifth season.
  • Jessica Jones – Production is currently underway on Jessica Jones’ second season, which is being filmed alongside Marvel/Netflix team-up show, The Defenders (see below). No air date for this one just yet, however we expect it to land after The Defenders and The Punisher (also see below).
  • The Defenders – After years of anticipation (and yes, it really has been years), Marvel team-up show, The Defenders is almost here. The first season – comprising 13 episodes – will hit Netflix in August. It’s safe to say that come late summer, Netflix will be promoting this very heavily. It’s also safe to say you WILL want to watch this one.
  • The Punisher – Another Netflix show, this time a spin-off from the second season of Daredevil. Jon Bernthal reprises the role of Frank Castle/The Punisher for this 13-part series, which is due to air in late 2017. Filming has wrapped, so expect to see a trailer very soon.
  • Daredevil – A third season of Daredevil has been officially announced, so it’s safe to say season three is currently in the production pipeline. However, don’t expect to see Daredevil season three anytime this year. The success of the Marvel/Netflix collaborations has resulted in a bit of a waiting list for our favourite heroes, so expect this one to land in 2018.
  • Luke Cage – A second season of Luke Cage has been announced, BUT there’s no official release date just yet. Why? Well, it’s quite simple really; it’s stuck in a queue behind The Defenders, The Punisher, Jessica Jones season two and Daredevil season three. Expect to see this in 2018.
  • Iron Fist – No official news (just yet) on Iron Fist season two, but don’t rule it out. While Iron Fist might not have had the same critical reception that say, Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage has had, Marvel/Netflix certainly won’t be looking to ditch the show just yet. We expect to hear more about Iron Fist once the first season of The Defenders has aired. ETA? Late 2018.
  • Cloak & Dagger – Cloak & Dagger is coming to US cable channel Freeform in 2018, with Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt taking the title roles. No news yet on when or where Cloak & Dagger will air in the UK – it’s all a bit too soon for that – but we expect a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon to pick up the show if it proves popular.
  • Runaways – Following a successful pilot, Runaways – a show about a group of teenage runaways who have a SERIOUS dislike for their parents – has been given a full season. The show will star Gregg Sulkin, Rhenzy Feliz, Lurica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer and Allegra Acosta and will air on Hulu in the US. As with Cloak & Dagger, there’s no news just yet on when/where Runaways will air in the UK, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more. The show airs in the US later this year.
  • Inhumans – Inhumans will also hit TV screens later this year, following the big screen release of the first two episodes. Episodes one and two are being shot in IMAX digital and will run in cinemas for approximately two weeks in September.
  • Legion – The first season of Legion, the off-the-wall X-Men spin-off proved to be a big hit with audiences, so a second season is now in the works. Rumours suggest the second season will develop a stronger connection to the X-Men Universe (Professor Xavier, anyone?) but we’ll know for sure when season two arrives in late 2017.
  • The Gifted – Overseen by showrunner Matt Nix, The Gifted will focus on two ordinary parents who discover their children are mutants. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family join up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. Cast members include Jamie Chung, Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer, Blair Redford, Emma Dumont, Percy Hynes White, Natalie Alyn Lind and Sean Teale. The show will air on Fox later this year.
  • Deadpool – Another X-Men related show, only this time an animated one. Atlanta star (and future Lando Calrissian actor) Donald Glover will write the ten-part show, along with his brother, Stephen. Deadpool will air on the FXX channel in 2018.

So, there you go. And this really is only the tip of the iceberg.

With the likes of New Warriors and no doubt more Netflix spin-offs in the pipeline, Marvel will continue to shape the TV landscape for some time to come.

Until next time, take care.

Your pals at the Honcho-SFX blog.




About the author: Alex Wiggan has written blog posts for Honcho-SFX blog since October 2014. He likes writing, eating pizza and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes in that order.


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