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The Gifted renewed

By Alex Wiggan

The Gifted has been renewed for a second season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has renewed the X-Men spinoff series for the 2018-2019 season. The show – overseen by showrunner Matt Nix – has received an early renewal and a surprising renewal too, considering the recent sale of Fox’s movie & TV output to Disney will mean the channel it airs on will likely change in the coming year.

For fans of The Gifted this is good and intriguing news. It is expected that the X-Men franchise (including all movies and TV shows) will undergo a complete reboot over the coming years, to incorporate the property into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This news suggests a reboot might not be so clear cut – at least not now anyway.

Season One of The Gifted continues in the UK on Sunday 14th January.

If you’re currently behind on the show you can catch up with episodes onetwothreefourfive, six, seven, eightnine and ten via the Honcho-SFX blog’s live blog.




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