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Remembering Monsters in My Pocket – Series One

By Alex Wiggan

Earlier this week on the Honcho-SFX blog, we unboxed a sealed set of Topps Batman 1989 movie trading cards, which we picked up at last weekend’s Barry Potter Fairs toy fair. In keeping with the toy-related theme, today we’re taking a look at another set of collectables which we also picked up at the show – a pack of Monster in My Pocket toys.

For those not familiar with Monster in My Pocket (MIMP), the toys were effectively small collectable figurines each depicting a different god, monster or mythical creature. Released by Matchbox, the first set of MIMP toys hit shelves in 1990 and comprised 48 different monsters, ranging from Medusa, Manticore and Spring-Heeled Jack to Hydra, Behemoth, Tengu and more.

Various sets of MIMP toys followed throughout the ‘90s, with dinosaurs, aliens and monster wrestlers thrown into the mix. For our money, Series One was the best set as it offered up such a good assortment of characters.

OK, so that’s a recap. Here’s where we come into all this.

On Sunday, while perusing the stalls at Barry Potter Fairs, we stumbled across a dealer selling packs of assorted MIMP toys. The toys were bagged up into sets of ten (for £5), collecting together a random assortment of monsters.


As fans of MIMP we decided to pick up a bag. Well, it would have been rude not to, right?

The ten assorted figures in our bag (all from Series One) included: Werewolf, Witch, The Beast, Charon, Mummy, The Phantom, Mad Scientist, Roc, Goblin and Harpy.

As random assortments go, this wasn’t a bad set of ten figures to get in one bag – especially Werewolf – so we were pretty chuffed. Three days on from our purchase and we’re still pretty chuffed.

Taking a closer look at these toys, our first thought is these monsters are really quite detailed. They also look really cool. It’s quite easy to see why Monster in My Pocket was such a collectable toy line during the ‘90s.

Outside of their collectability, the figures were also designed to be used in a game. Each monster was awarded a points value (located on the back), which ranged in value from five to 25 and each could be used to play the game.

Only six of the 48 monsters from Series One had a points value of 25 – these included: Great Beast, Hydra, Werewolf, Behemoth, Griffin and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Six monsters had a points value of 20; 12 had a points value of 15; 15 had a points value of ten; and nine had a points value of five.

The points value of the monsters in our set are as follows: Werewolf (25), Witch (5), The Beast (5), Charon (5), Mummy (5), The Phantom (10), Mad Scientist (10), Roc (10), Goblin (10) and Harpy (15).

If we were to use these figures in a game, with the exception of Werewolf, we’re pretty sure we’d be screwed. It’s lucky we don’t ever plan to use these toys in a game then.

So, will we be looking out for more Monster in My Pocket toys at future conventions and shows? You bet your sweet Aunt Fanny we will!

Ten down, 38 to go.

And for those that are interested in Monster in My Pocket Series One, the full set comprises the following:

1) Great Beast, 2) Hydra, 3) Werewolf, 4) Behemoth, 5) Griffin, 6) Tyrannosaurus Rex, 7) Cockatrice, 8) Cyclops, 9) Tengu, 10) Triton, 11) Kraken, 12) Jotun Troll, 13) The Monster, 14) Manticore, 15) Karnak, 16) Coatlicue, 17) Bigfoot, 18) Baba Yaga, 19) Kali, 20) Catoblepas, 21) Harpy, 22) Haniver, 23) Hobgoblin, 24) Windigo, 25) Red Cap, 26) Medusa, 27) Goblin, 28) Cerberus, 29) Zombie, 30) Chimera, 31) Ghost, 32) Ogre, 33) Vampire, 34) Roc, 35) Gremlin, 36) Vampiress, 37) Ghoul, 38) The Phantom, 39) Mad Scientist, 40) Winged Panther, 41) Mummy, 42) Charon, 43) The Beast, 44) Witch, 45) Spring-Heeled Jack, 46) Invisible Man, 47) Skeleton, 48) Hunchback




About the author: Alex Wiggan has written blog posts for Honcho-SFX blog since October 2014. He likes writing, eating pizza and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes in that order.


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