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McG for Masters of the Universe movie?

By Alex Wiggan

Still itching to see the long rumoured Masters of the Universe movie? You know; the one which has languished in development hell for a very, very long time? Well it would appear that a Masters movie could be inching ever closer to becoming a reality, only this time with another new name attached to the project.

According to Deadline, Charlie’s Angels (2000) director, McG is in the frame to take on directing duties, in what will become a complete reboot of the Masters franchise (if the film ever gets off the ground). As a quick reminder, McG has previously directed movies including Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) and Terminator Salvation (2009) and has served as an executive producer on hit shows such as Supernatural and The O.C.

Before any work can begin on the movie, McG – real name Joseph McGinty Nicol – will reportedly rewrite the film’s script; so don’t expect to hear any casting announcements for a little while. It’s also probably best to take this news with a pinch of salt, as similar stories about a Masters movie surfaced around this time last year and nothing much has happened since.

So, what are your feelings about McG’s involvement? Are you happy about this development or would you rather see another director take on the project? More importantly, do you think that McG can finally get the cameras rolling on the long gestating project? Let us know your thoughts.

Oh and whilst you contemplate what you’d like to see in the movie, you should check out last year’s Masters-related blog post: Mastering the Universe: Seven things required for the next He-Man movie.


About Alex Wiggan: Alex thinks the chances of seeing a She-Ra movie anytime soon are pretty slim.


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