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Ghostbusters 2016: The Verdict

By Alex Wiggan

Well, here it is folks – G-Day has arrived.

After countless years in development hell, endless hours of speculation, and one monumental backlash the brand new Ghostbusters movie has finally made it into cinemas. So, is it the worst movie ever made as many claimed it would be, or is it a modern classic?

Well, before we answer that question, here’s a quick roundup of what the critics thinks about Ghostbusters.

Nigel M Smith of The Guardian gave the movie four stars out of five, commenting:

“Rejoice! The new Ghostbusters is good. Very good, in fact.” He added: “Fun oozes from almost every frame.”

Jonathan Pile of Empire gave the film three stars out of five, noting:

“An effectively spooky opening gives way to a film that’s fun, funny and full of energy. It’s almost as if it never mattered that the four main characters were women. Strange that.”

Other positive reviews came from The Telegraph, awarding the film four out of five stars and Digital Spy also giving Ghostbusters four out of five stars.

On the flipside, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter was less than complementary, calling the film a “missed opportunity.” While Peter Debruge of Variety felt the film “spends far too much energy channelling the original to establish its own identity.”

So that’s just a selection of the views and reviews on offer, but what did we think about the movie?

Here at the Honcho-SFX blog we’ve discussed and debated the Ghostbusters reboot on a number of occasions. It’s no secret that we love the original Ghostbusters films, as well as The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, so we’ve watched the development of this movie quite closely. We’ve read the many, many comments that have circulated around social media regarding this movie (all written prior to the film’s release we might add) and we’ve tried our best to see everyone’s point of view – both good and bad.

All that said, we’ve always been of the opinion that this movie needed to be given a fair chance, so we hoped for the best. We can now confirm that we were not disappointed. Ghostbusters is a humorous, action-packed movie which has great characters, lots of good gags and some of the best ghost-busting scenes in any version of the Ghostbusters – live-action or animated.

You want to see the Ghostbusters kicking ectoplasmic butt with an awesome array of gadgetry? You got it! You want to see nods to the original movies, then you get your wish. Ghostbusters is fun. Unashamedly fun in fact and it’s all the better for it. Does everything work? No there are a few moments that could have benefitted from a tweak, but a few missteps aside this is one enjoyable movie – a welcome relief in a summer filled with clunkers.

The whole point of the original Ghostbusters was to offer up a bunch of laughs alongside a few good scares and that’s exactly what this new version does. Will everyone like it? No, probably not. Those who were against it from the start will probably still protest that it isn’t the Ghostbusters of their childhood and that’s true this isn’t the Ghostbusters of their childhood – this is the Ghostbusters of someone else’s childhood.

Not all remakes are bad. Ghostbusters proves that.



About the author: Alex Wiggan has written blog posts for Honcho-SFX blog since October 2014. He likes writing, eating pizza and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sometimes in that order.


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