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Emma Watson’s Singing Debut

Disney’s live-action Cinderella was released on Friday and has already received a hugely positive response, even if you only go and see it because of the magnificent dress it’s well worth it. But what of Beauty and the Beast? 

Well, we now have a release date for Emma Watson’s singing debut in the, now confirmed as a musical, live-action Beauty and the Beast. The date all us Disney fans are craving is March 17th 2017, so mark your calendars! It does seem like it is a long way off but as it looks so far like it will be worth the wait…

Starring alongside Watson are a few well-known faces that just might make the two year wait a little easier. The cast additions that seem to be at the forefront of people’s minds (and I can definitely see why!) are Kevin Kline and Emma Thompson, who will play Belle’s father, Maurice, and Mrs Potts. The casting is simply perfect! Emma Thompson will be brilliant as the bubbly mother figure.

The lovely Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey is starring as the Beast himself, how very dapper! On the other hand, the full-of-himself Gaston is set to be Luke Evans, who recently played the lead in Dracula: Untold in another set of reboot horror films that are trending right now.

These are all great character matches but the best is yet to come, Frozen fans ready yourselves… LeFou, Gaston’s foolish right-hand man will be played by none other than Josh Gad, our very own Olaf! In Frozen, Gad sang one song, In Summer, and some argue that it was a waste of such a beautiful voice. Who knows, maybe we can see more of him in Beauty and the Beast!

As for the soundtrack, it will be scored by Alan Menken, the genius behind the original Beauty and the Beast score and many other Disney soundtracks. He won two Academy Awards for his original composition back in 1991. He has confirmed that the songs will be revamped versions of the old ones, so it’s shaping up to be a modern reworking with a nod towards the classic.

Emma Watson has expressed that she is nervous about her role, as she hasn’t done anything quite like this before. She is undergoing singing lessons to improve her technique before the cameras start rolling. We are talking about the Emma Watson here, so it’s likely that she will blow us all away!

With Cinderella doing so well and the Beauty and the Beast bricks building up, Disney’s new stint of reworking the classics as live-action films is sure to be an unprecedented success.

Are you excited for the live-action Beauty and the Beast film? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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