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Watch: Transformers: The Last Knight trailer

By Alex Wiggan Over the past few days we’ve thrown a few movie trailers your way, including Kong: Skull Island, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Mummy. Over the coming days you should expect quite a few more. The reason? It’s quite simple really: The big movie studios are gearing up their release schedules for 2017 and in … Continue reading

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Movies coming your way in 2017

By Alex Wiggan So, 2016… where do we even start? Well, it’s fair to say this year has not been the best year for movies. We’ve covered this in greater detail in our blog post, ‘The summer movies of 2016: What went wrong?’, but to simplify, the films of 2016 were largely a bit… meh. From Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Have Me Some Fun – A Predator inspired T Shirt exclusive to Honcho-SFX

By Alex Wiggan Sound the EXCLUSIVE alert! We repeat, sound the EXCLUSIVE alert! Today on the Honcho-SFX blog we’re showcasing an awesome EXCLUSIVE Tshirt which has just arrived on Honcho-SFX. And it’s an exclusive that we are very excited to talk to you about! Ladies & gents the ‘I’m Gonna Have Me Some Fun’ shirt is in the building. If … Continue reading

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Watch: The Mummy 2017 trailer

By Alex Wiggan ‘Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters’ The first official trailer for next summer’s Mummy reboot has landed. The trailer – which you can check out in full below – showcases the horror/action vibe that the film is aiming for and includes a lot of Tom Cruise! Excited? You’d best be – Universal has a … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise arrives on the set of The Mummy. The story follows Navy Seal Tyler Colt and his mission in the Iraqi desert to find a group of terrorists hiding out in a bunker.

Featuring: Tom Cruise
Where: Oxford, United Kingdom
When: 05 Apr 2016

Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 trailer

By Alex Wiggan Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Baby Groot. Sorry, after watching the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer – which hit the net today – there is only one character we can … Continue reading

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The Incredible Hulk #420 – A Marvel milestone remembered

By Alex Wiggan Today’s blog post takes a look back at The Incredible Hulk #420, a special issue of Marvel Comics’ Incredible Hulk series. The issue – which hit shelves during the summer of 1994 – was titled, ‘Lest Darkness Come’ and is (to this day) one of the best single issues of a Marvel comic ever published. We’re highlighting … Continue reading

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“Omelette du fromage” – 20 years of mispronouncing cheese omelette

By Alex Wiggan If we uttered the phrase, ‘omelette du fromage’, would you know what we were talking about? Yes? No? Maybe? Well if you answered yes, then you might like to know that today marks the 20th anniversary of ‘The Big Cheese’, our favourite episode from one of our favourite cartoons of the 1990s – Dexter’s Laboratory. On this … Continue reading

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The one to watch: Legends of Tomorrow

By Alex Wiggan It’ll come as no surprise to those who follow the Honcho-SFX blog that we have a lot of time for the Arrowverse – DC’s live-action TV universe that began in 2012 with Arrow. We’ve previously discussed our thoughts on the Flash and Supergirl and while we don’t always mention it, we continue to have a soft spot … Continue reading

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Fantastic Four: Extended Edition – A look back at the best FF movie to date

By Alex Wiggan Next year marks the 10th anniversary release of Fantastic Four: Extended Edition – the special edition DVD of the 2005 film, Fantastic Four. In our minds, the extended cut of the movie is the best version of any Fantastic Four movie thus far – and here’s why. Released in 2007 – to cash-in on the arrival of … Continue reading

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Fresh Prince coming to Netflix UK just in time for the New Year

By Alex Wiggan This is not a drill people – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is coming to Netflix. We repeat: This is not a drill! Teased last night via Twitter & Facebook and now officially confirmed, Netflix will begin streaming the classic US sitcom to UK viewers. What’s more, the show will launch on New Year’s Eve, providing … Continue reading

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