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About Us

Here at Honcho-SFX we’re a small team that are passionate about film, TV, music, cool art, cool stuff and of course cool T-SHIRTS!

While we started out offering just a small number of cool t-shirts, we’ve grown our range to include all kinds of cool gear including bags, purses, jewellery, key caps, hoodies, hats and more recently ladies shoes!

We offer something a bit different to other shops, most of the products we sell are very hard to find elsewhere. And we’re always looking for awesome new stuff for our customers to feast their eyes on!

We specialise in vintage style retro t-shirts, rock/band t-shirts, graphic t shirts and cool hoodies and accessories…so if you’re looking for something a bit unusual and unique then you’re in the right place.

Not only are we passionate about the products we sell, we’re also passionate about providing an awesome level of service. We’re online shoppers ourselves so really understand what customers want and need…we hate bad service so we treat our customers how we would like to be treated! It might sound cheesy but each and every one of our customers are important to us…we know many of our customers personally and some have been coming back to us from way back when we first started out. We are eternally grateful to our customers who keep us in a job that we all love…

As a thanks we always try to give each and every customer the best possible service, and try to exceed expectations. We know there are so many options on the internet now…and we’re so thankful that you choose us.

So why did we start an online store you might wonder?

Well…one of the founders, Amy, has always had an interest in business from quite an early age. As a child whilst other children of her age played with dolls, she played at being a business person with her very own typewriter and turn dial phone (yes you guessed it she’s an 80’s child!)…which involved lots of shuffling papers, walking around with a briefcase and having important/pretend conversations on the phone!  She dabbled in the big world of business at the age of 11 when she looked after rabbits and guinea pigs while people were away on holiday in her custom built “rabbit hotel” of her own design (but made by her helpful workforce aka Dad!). A little Richard Branson in the making maybe?!

Fast forward to about 18 and she meets her long term boyfriend to be…who together hatch a plan to take over the world (of t-shirts!!) Muh ha ha haaa! Long term boyfriend Daniel is very artistic… One day Daniel was looking for rock t-shirts on the web and ordered a few.  It was then (in around 2003) that the idea was born to create an online t-shirt store - we thought that the internet needed a better choice of t-shirts and we were the people to deliver it! Amy was up for the challenge of starting a business (well she’d had all those years of experience!)..and Daniel would create the graphics.

It turns out that we’re quite a good team – to this day Daniel does all the arty stuff (website graphics and photography)…whilst Amy shuffles papers and taps away on her modern day typewriter equivalent!

If you’re reading this, firstly well done for hanging in there…and secondly there’s a good chance that you have similar interests to us and would like our Facebook page, Twitter and/or Pinterest…just follow the links below. We’d love to hear from you…see you there!